Introduction Video Laser Welding Machine MiDi

Smart Service – USB Data Storage

Storage of all vital machine information. A system which facilities the identification of and solution to eventual problems, and the execution of software upgrade.

Easy parameters control in welding chamber

Spacious, free and comfortable. The ergonomics of the welding chamber have been designed to facilitate welding and to allow a comfortable working position.

Color Touch-screen Display

It allows comfortable access of data and easies reading of working parameters.

Introduction Video Laser Welding Machine MiDi

The new mini Laser welding machine is born, and its name is MiDi.

It has been developed to make small repairs, weld and polish the following materials: steel, chrome-cobalt, platinum, palladium, gold (7-18kt), brass and silver, with and without weld wire.

 Main features:

        User interface with touch-screen display

        USB pen drive for firmware updates

        Air and water cooling system

        LED lightning system with dimmer

        Connection for Argon and compressed air

Source: Orotig